37°46'23.1"N 140°28'24.9"E
View from the middle of Mt. Shinobu.

Mt. Omori Castle is visible in the distance.

37°46'23.8"N 140°28'17.8"E
Sakura Cherry

37°46'23.8"N 140°28'12.5"E
Tsubaki Camellia

37°46'33.3"N 140°28'17.4"E
Hairpin bend road of the Hayasaka slope, north of Mt. Shinobu.

37°46'42.3"N 140°28'25.1"E
Northwest of Fukushima Basin

11 April 2019

April came tiptoeing in beautifully with sunshine and soft winds for a few days; and then a driving silent
snowstorm dropped a white blanket over the world again... Then the snow grudgingly disappeared.

(ma-keru wa ka-ti)
To lose is to win.

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