This is an outdoor lamp that has a spinning wheel motif. The designer is unknown

There used to be the sericultural experiment station Fukushima branch here.
此の地は明治四十四年から昭和二十九年まで四十三年間農林省蚕糸試驗場支場が置かれた所であり蚕の品種 支一〇七号 日一一二号日 日一二二号 支一二二号等は此處で育成された
昭和三十二年十二月 蚕糸試驗場

The silk industry in the Fukushima district had originally developed as a putting -out system controlled by local city merchants. and the traditional hand and sedentary reeing method were used.
when Japan opened its ports and resumed foreign trade in the mid 19th century, Japanese silk suddenly found an enormous overseas demand.

Si-hu-yau is the former name of this place.
此の地の旧地名 歯扶楊(歯扶栁 しふよう)

22 March 2019

(oni ni kana-bou)
An ogre is given a crowbar

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