Itaya Kaido Road
(Old Yonezawa Kaido Road)

37°47'24.8"N 140°17'16.7"E

37°47'20.5"N 140°17'59.4"E
Entrance to the Azuma plateau from the Itaya kaido road. This road leads to the Takayu Kaido road.
板谷街道から吾妻高原牧場跡への道 高湯街道へ

37°46'54.5"N 140°18'06.4"E
Amado River (Kami Amado Bridge)
The Amado river was a river fishing spot, Yamame and Iwana. In days gone by.
天戸川 (かみあまどばし)

37°46'42.6"N 140°18'20.2"E
Azuma plateau pasture, ruin of the Showa period. Formerly these place was a vast larch forests.
Mt. Iegata is seen in the distance.

26 December 2018 - Part 2

(ware-nabe ni toji-futa)
a mended lid for a cracked pot

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